The Heiress’ London

Oh London town, how we love you. It seemed fitting that the WWKD ladies would be dying to plan a tour of London. The ancient history mixed with the modern culture creates a fabulous playground for the Glosse Posse. With WWKD’s Travel Series, you’ll know where to go, how to get there and what to pack. The entire trip is planned for you! All you have to do is select your travel dates.

Because we all adore Kate (naturally – why else are you reading this?), we wanted to start with a comprehensive, Kate-inspired tour of London. From Kensington Palace to King’s Road, Hampton Court to the Cotswolds, experience the wonder of Britain with a touch of glosse sparkle. Visit some of Kate’s favorite restaurants, shop at her favorite high street stores, and take the Royal Wedding Route to relive the Best Day Ever.



Tower Bridge MD


Tour of Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace and Gardens, Hampton Court Palace, as well as Clarence House and St. James Palace

Afternoon tea at The Goring – recognized for its excellence

Visits to the National Portrait Gallery, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Tower of London

Shopping on the King’s Road, Harrod’s and Fortnum and Mason

A day trip to the English countryside

And much, much more to do in foggy old London!


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