Modern Princess

Being a Princess is about so much more than tiaras and ball gowns. It’s about all the things that we here at WWKD try to inspire by adding elegance and grace to everyday life. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but society could really use those lately; with “celebrities” like Snooki and the Kardashians being inspirations for young girls and legions of teenagers strolling the mall with bellies, butts and boobs hanging out like they’re supposed to be. Oh, wait, that’s the problem- they want you to look! 

The ways of elegance and grace are a dying breed. With women expected to be more as aggressive and ambitious as men in the workplace while also being mothers/housekeepers/chefs/gardeners/nannies/maids/handy-women/party planners at home, how on earth are we supposed to have time to donate time to charities in need, have shiny healthy hair, exercise regularly, eat and cook healthily, raise babies, maintain friendships/relationships and have successful careers? That is a question that women have been struggling with for the last few decades and that I don’t think anyone has perfected the answer to.

What we can tell you with certainty is that there are ways to add elegance and grace to your lives everyday with just a little commitment to yourself. My mom always used to tell me that the most important relationship I’d ever have is the one I’m in with myself (She’s a wonderful but strange lady) and in the last few years, I’ve let the relationship with myself fall to the sidelines as my career, husband, career, career, career and now baby have taken precedence. While those are all extremely important things for me that will continue to be important, starting this blog was about adding elegance and grace back to my life, and that means enrolling myself into the WWKD Grown-Up Princess School, The Modern Princess.

But wait, isn’t WWKD a Princess Prep School in itself? Yes, it is- but we haven’t really spent any time taking the deep-dive that is required on different areas of basic Princessery. Things like what fork to pick up at a dinner party, how to take a frizzy hair mess and turn it into a stylish look in 5 minutes, basic cooking techniques, how to properly light a candle (Yes, there is a right way), how to write notes, basic music appreciation, art history, how to introduce people to each other… Rumour has it that Kate herself was put through an intense Princess training regime when she and William became engaged and she had spent years at actual prep schools, so there is a definite need for all of us to brush up on our skills. I want to perfect the basics of leading and living an elegant, sophisticated and refined lifestyle- no matter if you’re a stay-a-home mom, unemployed student or corporate executive. That is why we will be launching this “course”.

I hope you’ll join me as we delve into the numerous aspects which are required in building the elegance and grace which the WWKD motto encompasses. Who knows, at the end, maybe one of us will get a graduation tiara.

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