London – Day 6


Today is more of a leisurely day. Start off with a cruise down the River Thames, which will take you to Hampton Court Palace – the home of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I!

Tour the magnificent palace, gardens, art collections and estate. The lush grounds lend to a whole day of exploration. Pick up a sandwich at the café and picnic in the gardens for an al fresco lunch. For dinner, enjoy a very British supper at the Tiltyard Café, once the location of jousting festivals!

Wander the halls once haunted by Katherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, and the other five wives of the infamous Henry. Visit the rooms where Elizabeth I slept, ate and spent her epic days as queen. Picture yourself in 16th century garb (corset and all!) as if you were a queen yourself.

In the evening, float back to London on the river cruise for a leisurely evening.

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