London – Day 4

Nothing says “English” quite like the countryside. William and Catherine love the countryside, spending plenty of holidays among the rolling hills, and living in their adorable Anglesey “love nest.” Break out the Barbour and wellies (just kidding – don’t bring wellies! They take up too much suitcase room!) and wander through the country.

This is one day where you can choose your own destination. If you’re up for the 4-5 hour train ride, head off to Anglesey. Wander the beach, grab a bite at the local pub, and stalk the grocery store in hopes of seeing Kate. Anglesey is a charming small town worth spending the day.

If you’re a big Tudor fan, you can’t go wrong with Hever Castle, Anne Boleyn’s childhood home. The gardens are gorgeous, the castle is fairytale-esque and there is something for everyone – kids and adults alike. An hour train ride will take you there to spend the day in a country castle.

For a classic country day, head off to The Cotswold’s. Just north of London, the Cotswold’s are filled with rolling hills, gorgeous gardens, and storybook architecture. It is worth it just to stroll through the towns, appreciate the little homes, and pop into the local shops.

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