Know Before You Go

The best part of traveling is experiencing a new culture! And yet sometimes we get embarrassed by mistaken words, different customs and etiquette gaffes. Despite their vast similarities, Britain and the United States have some startling differences. To avoid any confusion, stick to these tips and tricks:

The Little Things:

  • Remember that they drive on a different side of the road! Make certain you look both ways
  • Public transit is a pretty snazzy way of getting around. Forget the giant rats on the NYC subways! Even the Queen uses the Tube
  • Brush up on your British slang - avoid any confusion!
  • Lunch is usually a quick bite – don’t expect a sit-down lunch everyday!
  • Don’t talk to strangers. Apparently this is a big no-no in London!

Save a little:

  • Breakfast can be unnecessarily expensive. Take to the local Tesco and pick up cereal, milk, fruit and yogurt for less than you’d pay for a formal breakfast.
  • Purchase a Historic Royal Palace membership - save money and enjoy the benefits!
  • Pick up a quick sandwich or salad at Pret-A-Manger. The chain has hopped the pond to America and can be trusted for a quick, inexpensive, and healthy lunch break.
  • Use the Tube when at all possible, and avoid costly cab fare.
  • Instead of spending the day shopping, wander through the many gardens – tranquil, beautiful, and unAmerican
  • Don’t get a latte, a mochaccino or a fancy drink. The British are known for their tea – it’s cheaper too!

Travel Tips:

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