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Keeping Up with the Cambridges- July 5

Today is the BIG day! Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge will be christened amongst close friends and family at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham. Before we get to the festivities however, let us recap the week that lead us to this joyous occasion! This Week: June 30- Test-ino 1, 2, 3! On Tuesday, […] Read more…

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Keeping Up with the Cambridges- June 14

Boy have we been lucky lately! This week was another great week for royal watching with our favorite new mum, and Duchess making her first official appearance since the birth of Charlotte… This Week: June 10- Thank heaven for little girls! On Wednesday, Prince Charles revealed that little Charlotte is giving her parents an easier […] Read more…

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Keeping Up with the Cambridges- June 7

  After weeks of twiddling our thumbs, and incessantly checking our Twitter feeds for any hope of real news, our patience has finally been rewarded! WARNING: Side effects of scrolling down may include rapid heart beat, dizziness, and fainting due to excessive cuteness. This Week: June 1-London calling! After spending most of her post-natal days […] Read more…

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Keeping Up with the Cambridges- May 17

  The hardest part about being a royal watcher is the waiting game…especially when the royals you are watching are on maternity leave. While the Cambridges are going about their business with new baby Charlotte, we are here eagerly awaiting their return… This week: May 11- We aren’t the only ones waiting to see Charlotte! […] Read more…

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Keeping Up with the Cambridges- April 12

  Kate may be out of sight, but she is certainly not out of (our) mind! With merely a few days left until serious baby-watching mode commences, new details of the impending birth have surfaced… This Week: April 9- Ready, set…give birth! On Thursday, Kensington Palace announced a few details on the upcoming birth of […] Read more…

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Keeping Up with the Cambridges-April 5

  How is it April already my friends? I feel like it was just yesterday that Kate’s second pregnancy was announced, and now we have officially entered the Great Kate Wait:Part two! The Duchess’s official engagements may have ended, but her determination to be a normal mum running errands is in full swing… This Week: […] Read more…

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