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Keeping Up with the Cambridges-February 8

The Cambridge clan have returned to chilly London town relaxed, tanned, and ready to take on some royal engagements! So without further ado… This Week: February 2- Seeking advice or recommendations Kate style? Our new series will answer all of your questions! WWKD’s new monthly column “Dear Duchess” will strive to see the world through […] Read more…

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Keeping Up with the Cambridges- November 23

  Hurry! Get it while it’s hot! This week’s edition of Keeping Up with the Cambridges features some great tid bits from the Royal sector, so let us prepare for Thanksgiving and dig right in… This Week: November 19- The Place2Be is Kensington Palace! On Wednesday, the Duchess of Cambridge attended an award ceremony for […] Read more…

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Keeping Up with the Cambridges-November 16

WOW what an amazing week! Great events, great fashion, and some extraordinary news that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are coming to America! This is what Royal watching is all about… This Week: November 11- Bragging rights! On Tuesday, a very special article came out in USA Today featuring our very own website! Our […] Read more…

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Keeping Up with the Cambridges- November 9

  “I’m late, I’m late! For a very important date!” This edition of of KUWTC might be tardy like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, but with all of the events this weekend, making a fashionably late entrance seemed just right. Whether you’re polishing off your Sunday roast or sound asleep, some royal news […] Read more…

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