Back in 2005, we started a small fashion blog. We loved clothes and to our young minds having an absolutely fabulous wardrobe would make us cooler, happier and have more self-confidence. Plus, bloggers were just starting to become successful. Bloggers were now being invited to Fashion Week- it was surely only a matter of time before our invite was coming in the mail.

Fast forward to 2012. We’re no longer the doe-eyed naive young adult we used to be and we’ve also grown up enough to realize that a fabulous wardrobe does not a well-rounded person make. Sure, we still wanted to be stylish- who doesn’t?-  but we also wanted to be well read, give back to our community, be elegant and graceful… Have a good job, amazing abs, good skin, a well decorated home… Maintain successful relationships with paramours and family, a balanced Bank Account and be organized… Happy enough to recognize good fortune in our lives and relaxed enough to enjoy it… We wanted the whole package but just couldn’t figure out how to do it on our own.We really wanted to figure it all out and get our act together, but we needed help.

We started to think that much like in our careers where we had definitely found our stride, we might need a life mentor to get the rest of stuff in order. While we had some amazing women in our lives (Hi mom!) we wanted to think BIG. We wanted to be inspired by a woman who had it all together. We looked at businesswomen, politicians, celebrities… But none of them encompassed the whole package we were trying to emulate.

And then we ran into someone so obvious that it made us shake our heads for not realizing it sooner. Someone who embodied class, elegance, charity, style, beauty… Miss Catherine (Kate) Middleton better known as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

Now we’re very much aware that there are some aspects to Kate which we can’t emulate.

  • We will never become the next Queen of England
  • We will likely always have to work at “real jobs” to assist in supporting our families
  • We probably won’t get fancy Royal Titles
  • We’re not British so can never have a great accent
  • We won’t likely ever have celebrity hairdressers, party planners, ladies-in-waitings

But there are lots of things that we can look to Kate for  – inspiration, guidance and suggestion – which is what the true meaning of this blog is about. Part of us growing up was realizing that we have to be ourselves and be happy with who we are – but we also truly believe in always working on self-improvement. Kate has always figured a way to handle situations of immense scrutiny and pressure (ie. Getting married in front of 2 billion people) with elegance and grace. We can draw inspiration from Kate- who herself has drawn inspiration from other famous royals such as Princess Grace or Princess Diana- and transfer her royal training and life lessons to our less royally titled lives.


And so we warmly invite you to join us as we delve into adding a splash of regal, dash of elegance and pinch of grace to our lives by asking “What Would Kate Do?”

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  1. Liza
    May 3, 2014 at 12:32 pm (1 year ago)

    brilliant site!


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