Wardrobe Wednesday: Designers for NZ/OZ Royal Tour

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The Royal Tour is sure to produce some fabulous fashion choices for Kate. We can expect some lovely sundresses, smart ensembles, and even some casual looks. The Duchess of Cambridge has perfected the art of dressing abroad, often choosing local designers or fashions that reflect the culture. Her fashion choices on the upcoming tour should be no different – we can expect to see some fabulous New Zealander and Australian designers.

We’ve researched and found some great, royal-worthy, Kate-inspired designers that would be perfect for the upcoming royal tour. From old friends to new faces, the spotlight will be on Australia and New Zealand.

Collette Dinnigan

Royal Tour Fashion Designers CD

Collette by Collette Dinnigan

Collette Dinigan seems like an obvious choice for this tour. Kate has worn a few pieces by the South Africa born, New Zealand raised, and Australia based designer. The roots in both New Zealand and Australia make this an obvious choice. Earlier this year, it was announced that Ms. Dinigan would discontinue the majority of her fashion lines, only continuing the Collette by Collette Dinigan line. This line has a lower price point but does not lack on style. The less expensive choices will surely appeal to Kate, her fans, and the tax payers.

Rebecca Taylor

Royal Tour Fashion Designers Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor is another name we recognize from Kate’s past fashion choices. Taylor is New Zealand born, but New York based. This seems like an easy choice to pay homage to the host nation while also keeping with favorite designers. There are some great choices from her latest collection, including the “Sweet William dress” (far left) or the “Kaleidescope dress” (far right).

Alex Perry

Royal Tour Fashion Designers Alex Perry

Alex Perry

Alex Perry is widely considered the premier designer in Australia. Based out of Sydney, Perry has become widely regarded throughout the country for his designers, even landing a coveted judges spot on Australia’s Project Runway. His designs are beautiful and interesting, and as soon as I saw the Lisette dress (far left), I knew the line would be suited for the Duchess of Cambridge. Perry also does bespoke styling, so a custom design for Kate seems like an obvious choice! Perhaps this will help Alex Perry expand into the international market.

Karen Walker

Royal Tour Fashion Designers Karen Walker

Karen Walker is a familiar name to many fashion followers. Walker’s eponymous brand shows every year at New York Fashion Week. It is incredibly popular throughtout the UK but, most importantly, Walker hails and designs from New Zealand. It seems a natural choice for Kate to wear a popular brand that represents New Zealand so well. Karen Walker’s designs are cool and effortless, with this season showcases floral and nature prints – perfect for trips to the arboretum or a walk through the gardens.

Kate is known for her excellent fashion choices, especially on Royal Tours. What do you think we will see her wearing? New Zealander and Australian brands, or old favorites like Temperley and McQueen?

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2 Comments on Wardrobe Wednesday: Designers for NZ/OZ Royal Tour

  1. Janina
    March 5, 2014 at 8:34 am (1 year ago)

    What do you think: Will Kate wear Princess Diana’s dress in the future?


    • Christine
      March 6, 2014 at 3:52 pm (1 year ago)

      Hello Janina, I don’t believe Kate will ever wear one of Diana’s dresses. She may wear some of her jewelry or even accessories, but the two women are very different body shapes, sizes, and even heights, so wearing one of Diana’s dresses seems unlikely!