Keeping Up with the Cambridges- March 2

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Spring is within our grasp as we welcome March and pray for warmer days and more of one of our favorite families…the Cambridges. This week was a quiet one publicly, but behind closed doors Will, Kate, and George were no doubt getting ready for their upcoming adventure down under!

This Week:

  • February 27- Frolicking in Fakenham! On Thursday, a little birdy (one that goes tweet tweet) mentioned that Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge was seen in the town of Fakenham. For all of us non U.K. dwellers, Fakenham is located in Norfolk, England on the River Wensum and is not far from the couple’s country home, Amner Hall. The quaint town is known for its antique shops which we know Catherine enjoys immensely, and she has been spotted there previously in April 2013. William and Kate love country life and will spend as much time there as their schedules allow, which is why it is so important to make it warm and homey. An antique clock or vase would fit the bill!

Screenshot from VanityFair

Kate shopping last year :Screenshot from VanityFair

  • March 1- Royal Correspondence Surprise! On Saturday, the Gazette & Herald reported that eleven school children from Chirton Primary School, located in Wiltshire, England, were pleasantly surprised when they received response letters from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in regards to a class project they had done. Each of the students wrote Their Royal Highnesses in an effort to persuade them to send Prince George to their school, and wrote about the benefits of the educational environment and why it might be the perfect place for George. Every student received their own reply thanking them for their well-written letters and providing such convincing arguments. In danger of being shut down two years ago due to lack of enrollment, the school would surely benefit from having the future King of England as a pupil! For more pictures and a short video, click here.

Chirton school


Next Week:

  • No scheduled engagements at this time. There are rumors that details about the upcoming Australia/New Zealand tour will be released immenantly. Be sure to keep your eyes on this spot!
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