Regal Reads: The Regal Rules for Girls by Jerramy Fine

After reading Jerramy Fine’s memoir Someday My Prince Will Come, I fell in love with her witty writing and her “dreams do come true” attitude. I immediately wanted to check out her other book The Regal Rules for Girls. 

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The tagline for this book is “how to find love, a life- and maybe even a lord- in London.” If that doesn’t pull readers in, I don’t know what will! The book is meant to be a set of guidelines for beginning your life in London and provides tips from logistically getting there to how to date an Englishman to where to shop for the best groceries. It is replete with helpful hints and secrets from a woman who followed her dreams and moved to London.

My personal favorite section of the book was entitled “Royal Encounters.” Because of my obsession with the British Royal Family, I loved the inclusion of the family tree and some frequently asked questions about the British line of succession. It was a great refresher on titles and what to do if you receive a royal invitation for tea or to the Queen’s Garden Party (if only we could be so lucky!).


Another fantastic section of the book is centered on how to date a British boy. Fine includes fifty pieces of advice to help her readers understand the male British brain and how his boarding school past translates into his dating abilities. My favorite tip, number 39: “Laugh at yourself. Don’t take yourself too seriously. There is nothing that puts British men at ease more than irony, self-deprecation, and humor.”

The only criticism I have for the book is that the ending felt a bit rushed and repetitive. It seemed as though Fine was reaching the end so she wanted to jam as much as she could into the final two chapters. It did not feel as well organized as the rest of the book.

So if you’re looking to start a fabulous life in London, I recommend reading this book to get a sense of the challenges and adventures you’ll soon be facing. If London is not in the cards for you and your next big plans include a weekend lounging on your couch, snuggle up with this cozy book that will remind you that no matter how crazy they may seem, dreams do come true with passion and commitment. Go on, Anglophiles!

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Kinsey is a contributor for What Would Kate Do? and a college student studying marketing. She has loved all things British since her family went on a trip to England when she was eight. Since then, she has had royal ambitions, fueled by The Princess Diaries, Disney World, and, of course, Kate Middleton. Her guilty pleasures include rap music and bad reality television. She resides in Boston.