Charity Spotlight: Together For Short Lives

together for short lives

The Association for Children’s Palliative Care, now called Together For Short Lives, is a charity for children with life-threatening conditions and the people who support them. They work closely with hospitals and children’s hospices by raising funds to support and sustain their work with the children. Their primary goals are for every child and their family to have access to the right information about their conditions, easy access to services, quality care, and reliable support. Not only are they committed to helping children and their families, they are also taking steps to change UK government policy. Their goals are to reform the health and social care systems in the UK and they do this through lobbying and government discussions. Together For Short Lives works with countless other charities to create change and reforms across the UK.


Together For Short Lives supports and sponsors numerous children’s hospices and hospitals across the UK, including the East Anglia’s Children Hospices (EACH). Together For Short Lives organizes and runs Children’s Hospice Week, which ran from April 26 to May 3 of this year. As the royal patron of EACH, Kate was very busy during Children’s Hospice Week. Not only did she visit the Naomi House on April 29, she also recorded her first-ever broadcast message, informing UK citizens about the need for children’s hospices and what they are doing in the lives of families and children. These events, and other events associated with EACH, link back to Together For Short Lives, who provide financial support and backing to the children’s hospice network in the UK. Kate will continue to be involved with children’s hospices in the UK and Together For Short Lives through the Royal Wedding Charity Fund.


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