Keeping Up With the Cambridges-September 1

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Our wish came true! After what felt like a major Kate drought, The Duchess of Cambridge graced us with her presence not once, but twice this week. Between a trip to the local grocery store and accompanying William on an event in Wales, it must have been a refreshing change for Kate to get out of the house and leave cutie pie George for a bit.

This Week:

  • August 26- She is back in the swing of things! On Monday we saw Kate in her first public outing since the birth of Prince George. She was spotted shopping for groceries at the local Waitrose on Anglesey where she and William have been living for the past few weeks, and will continue to live until they return to London next month. Kate always did the shopping before they had the baby so it must have been nice change for her to get back into a routine. Sporting a laid back look, Kate wore a striped Breton top by Ralph Lauren, black skinny maternity jeans from Topshop, and her Sebago tan and white loafers.

Being the responsible consumer that she is, Kate was carrying a reusable tote bag from Waitrose that you can purchase for £5 in the store, and a promotional “London Calling” bag from Ted Baker that is unfortunately unavailable through the company, and on e-bay. It is too bad, because they’re quite adorable!

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Curious as to what was in Kate’s shopping bag? So were we, and thanks to the super powers of RoyalKateDebate we discovered that The Duchess purchased a bottle of wine and a frozen pizza! In addition to all the nappies and wet wipes that they must be buying, it was nice to see a treat for mum and dad. A girl after my own heart, I can just picture Will and Kate curled up on the couch with a glass of vino in hand and a movie on the telly. Even though we were certainly happy to see these pictures of Kate out and about, not everyone felt the same way. It was reported that Kensington Palace was upset with The Telegraph which is a British newspaper, for publishing the pictures. Many other British news outlets received the pictures but chose not to publish them out of respect for The Duchess of Cambridge’s privacy, however The Telegraph stands by their decision due to the fact that they were taken in a public place, and The Duchess was not being harassed in any way. There seems to be many different views on what constitutes as an invasion of privacy, so where do you stand?

  • August 30- On your mark, get set, go! On Friday we received another pleasant surprise when Kate attended the Ring O’ Fire Ultra Marathon in Wales where William was in charge of starting the race. Over the course of three days, runners from around the world travel 135 miles along the coast of the island. It was announced that William would be starting the event days ago, however no word on whether Catherine would be in attendance was mentioned until that very morning. The people of Wales were very excited when she exited the car with William wearing a sage green Ralph Lauren blazer that she has had for many years, a blouse from Zara that was worn on a trip to the Alps some months ago, and her black skinny maternity jeans from Topshop. Kate completed the look with her black Pied A Terre wedges, and her Kiki “Grace” studs. Kate was also sporting her Gucci watch which we haven’t seen in quite some time (pun intended). Perhaps she wore it so she could be conscious of the hour thinking to herself “Hmm George should be waking from his nap soon”. The new mum showed off her natural waves as she looked happy and relaxed chatting with the people about her bundle of joy. A young child gave her a bouquet of flowers to which Kate replied “Are these for George? he loves bright colors”.  The Duchess of Cambridge is technically still on maternity leave, but many feel that she wanted to come out and show her support for Anglesey, and bid one last farewell to the place where she and William shared their first home together and created many happy memories. The people of Wales will miss you Kate, as I am sure you will miss them.


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Next Week:

  • No official engagements have been announced, but be sure to check back for your Cambridge family wrap-up!



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