Charity Spotlight: The Tusk Trust

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The Tusk Trust began in 1990 as the African elephant population was approaching extinction due to excessive poaching for ivory found in their tusks. What began as an organization committed to ending this poaching quickly grew into an organization that pledged to invest in the future of Africa. Tusk does this by raising money to financially support field projects that protect wildlife, support communities, and promote education. These projects range from creating wildlife refuges to building roads and bridges. Through their work to protect the endangered species of Africa, they have also begun investing in African communities through their Pan African Conservation Education (PACE) Project. The PACE Project provides financial support to help build education facilities in rural locations. These schools promote Tusk’s commitment to conservation and ecology. Tusk has projects all over Africa, with the most being in Kenya, which has 28 Tusk projects. In case some of us have forgotten, William proposed to Kate on a holiday to Kenya so it is evident that he holds Africa and Tusk close to his heart.


Prince William and Prince Harry became the royal patrons of the Tusk Trust in 2006 and have since made Tusk a part of the Princes’ Charities, the group of organizations that William and Harry patron that work together to achieve change in the world. William and Harry had the opportunity in June 2010 to travel to Africa and visit Tusk-funded projects in Botswana. Kate attended her first Tusk event in July 2011, when she and William attended a reception for the Tusk US Patrons Circle in California where they were able to meet a group of US donors. On April 26, 2012, Kate and William attended the premiere of African Cats in London in support of Tusk. 

Coming up, both Kate and William will attend the Tusk Trust Conservation Awards on September 12, Kate’s first formal appearance since the birth of Prince George.


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