Queuing like a (Future) Queen

Even Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, the future Queen of England, has to queue in lines. At the grocery store, at the checkout counter, and at the Starbucks, she stands in line just like the rest of us. Amazing, isn’t it? Imagine you’re in line ordering your tall-soy-latte-one-splenda-not-too-hot-maybe-like-120-degrees-thank-you-very-much, and behind you is Kate, ordering her skinny latte and swiping her Starbucks card.


 So imagine you’re at the gas station on a lazy Sunday when you noticed Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, in the queue ahead of you. Well, one lucky lady on Twitter shared her experiences:

And we wholeheartedly agree with her all-caps reaction.

Even better, a Kate-blogger once queued behind her at TopShop. Her account can be read here, and will probably make you giggle (and stake out the TopShop at Kensington).

So, what can we learn from Catherine and how to queue? As we know, Kate is always, always, always a graceful and composed spirit, even in the grocery store. Here are some tips to queue like a future Queen:

queuing 2

Be Patient
Unless you are in labor, violently ill, or otherwise seriously ailing, be quiet and stand there. Don’t tap your feet, roll your eyes, or otherwise bring attention to yourself and your impatience. I really feel that patience is the ultimate virtue, showing grace, elegance and poise at its best. Take the queue time to oogle over your fantastic purchases.

No cutting!
This relates to being patient. Don’t ever cut the line. If the future Queen of England waits in line, then so do you. Kate was even offered to cut the line and she declined. Just wait in the queue. Where are you going so fast?

Pay attention
Don’t get so wrapped up in your own thoughts that someone has to wake you from your trance. Move quickly and keep the line going!

Keep it moving
When you get to the cashier, be quick and courteous. Have your payment ready and if you make any last minute decisions (like Kate did in the TopShop story), make them quickly! No lollygagging!


We all despise lines, but we all have to deal with them – even Kate! To be as graceful and charming as her, stick to these tips. It’s what Kate would do!

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