Royal Beauty Bag: Lip Gloss

When I went to Bobbi Brown to find my perfect lip shade, I topped it off with a perfect lip gloss. Well, that’s what they told me at least.

Along with foundation and moisturizer, lip gloss is a very personal choice. No formula works for everyone (except Kiehl’s No. 1 – that stuff works for everyone). Personally, I am allergic to almost every lip gloss out there. Juicy tubes, lip glass, high shine gloss – you name it, I break out in a rash for three days. In fact, I’m suffering from a bad gloss reaction as I write this out (damn those Juicy Tubes – so cute, but so allergic).

One girl’s shine is another girl’s sticky, one girl’s sparkle is another girl’s sandpaper.

But these Royal Beauty Bag tests have yet to fail me. And I loved my lipstick (which luckily does not induce a reaction) so I thought “hey, lip gloss, let’s try it.”

My lips were already prepped (with Kiehl’s) and primed (with lipstick), so I just needed to be “prettied” with lip gloss. I selected a clear, shiny gloss – you cannot go wrong with clear and high shine – just like the shade Kate is rumoured to use. A quick swipe over my lipstick turned my perfectly rosy lips into a high-shine glamorous style. I loved the look! Even the feel of the gloss was great – not too sticky, not too slimy. It had some staying power too! It was a pretty impressive gloss.

So, what was the downside? Well…the gloss was so shiny that it bordered on stripper. Bear in mind, I wear very conservative make up, so my “stripper” is someone else’s “everyday.”

Bobbi Brown has other lip glosses that come in plenty of colors, shades, shines, and sparkles. I would DEFINITELY recommend the formula, and I encourage you to find a shade that works for you!

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