Regal Reads: March 2013

In February, we were feeling the love around Valentine’s day. It seemed a natural choice to choose a romantic book for last month’s Regal Reads. Leslie Carroll’s Royal Romances was our choice, and we were not disappointed.

Okay, okay – I’m a huge history nerd. While I loved the book, someone who doesn’t LOVE history might have found it a bit textual. There wasn’t a lot of fluff or narrative, but straightforward facts. The facts were fascinating and new to me.

The basic idea was this: who loved the world’s greatest royal leaders? From Charles II to Prince William, Carroll analyzed the wives, girlfriends, and concubines of the royals. Whether it was publicly approved or not, love could not keep them apart. Even more interesting, how did the mistresses and lovers influence politics? How might the world be different without them? Carroll answers these questions and more in short, easy to absorb chapters.


Leslie Carroll doesn’t stop at royal love stories. She also has a book called Royal Pains, which analyzes royalty’s biggest troublemakers. Perhaps this will appear in a future regal reads!

Carroll was even interviewed in 2011 for the Royal Wedding! And not only was she interviewed – she was THERE!! Read all about her experience here.

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Next month’s Regal Reads is an exciting one. Recently, the WWKD has fallen in love with Wallis Simpson. The plain American woman who changed the world. We researched plenty of options, and selected the aptly titled That Woman by Anne Sebba

From the jewels to the controvery, I cannot wait to hear all about that woman!

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