Let the Un-Diet begin!


Welcome to the Un-Diet! We are starting an initiative to be the best us we can be – after all, that is certainly what Kate would do! Join us on our journey through the DukanDiet. We will be battling the four stages together, hoping to motivate each other during a difficult time (hey, we like chocolate).

The DukanDiet has four phases, beginning with the Attack Phase. Some of us will be on Phase one for two days, while some of us will be on it for seven days. We will be eating pure protein all day, every day – that means no chocolate. To start out the Un-Diet off right, let me share with you my Day 1 menu:

Day 1 – Attack Phase

Breakfast: ham and egg omelet, low fat bacon strips

Lunch: Tuna salad (tuna, green onions, mustard, fromage blanc,
S&P), savory oat bran galette (see Dukan Diet cookbook),  low-fat
sugar-free yogurt, turkey roll ups (turkey slices, cream cheese,
green onions)

Dinner: Mama OBrien’s famous chicken soup (lots of broth and
roasted chicken - she won’t tell me the recipe)

I really hope you will join us on this journey! Visit the forums to introduce yourself, share recipes, and keep motivated! Find us on the following sites to join us on the journey:

Twitter: @WWKD_Official, @TheHeiress_WWKD, @TheDuchessWWKD

Instagram: @ChristineWWKD, @AmandaWWKD, @TheGlossePosse

Vine: @Christine at Effie

Join our team and try out the DukanDiet for yourself!

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