An Interview with Kate from Very Kate Middleton

One of the most amazing parts of being a part of the Kate Community has been meeting and getting to know other bloggers out there. It’s a pretty great group of ladies and we count ourselves fortunate to have developed friendships with many of them.

Because some of our readers might not read the amount of Kate blogs we do, we jumped at the idea of sharing our favorites with our readers and in getting to know Kate from Very Kate Middleton better when she suggested an interview-swap on our blogs. We are thrilled to introduce you today to our good friend and fellow Kate blogger, Very Kate Middleton, through an exciting series of questions – and be sure to head over to her blog and find out more about the Heiress and I from our interviews there!

Very Kate Middleton

Without further ado, let’s get to know Kate better!

 All About You

What is your name?

“Kate”, which is actually my middle name, but I work part time as an international spy so can’t share my real name with you I’m afraid. It’s a beautiful name though right?  My “real” initials are AB, like Anne Boleyn, which is pretty cool too.

Age: (if appropriate to share):

The grand old age of 27.

Where do you currently live and who with? 

Cheltenham.from.leckhampton.arpI live in Cheltenham which is the Heart of the Cotswolds in the UK and a base for quite a few Royals too, I might add!  I share my home with my husband, 5 month old baby boy and a neurotic house-cat called Cleo.

What do you do for a day job?

I am now a full time Mother, but I used to work as a Marketing Manager. I often help my husband’s clients with Marketing their businesses’ but nothing so regular I could call it a “job”.  I much rather “Mum” and blog.

What is your dream job?

A Duchess… Duh! ;) I’d love to own an independent children’s’ book store, just like Meg Ryan’s in the movie You’ve Got Mail.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

I wanted to be so many things it is hard to pick just one.  If I could go back and do it all again I think I would train (read; not give up) as a professional Ballroom Dancer.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? 

I have dreams of a white picket fence and rocking chairs on porches in New England.  The grass always seems greener…

Your Blog

The name of your blog/blogs :

Very Kate Middleton

What is your blog about?

 I write about the style and influence of Kate Middleton on my generation.  I throw a bit of my own lifestyle in to the mix as well, and the things I love about Britain.  I get a bit tired of people complaining about Britain (it’s the Brits that do this) so I want to bring a bit of pride back to our Nation.

How long have you been blogging?

The VKM blog was born on Valentine’s Day 2013, so not very long at all, but I have written personal/private blogs over the years.

What are some of your favourite blogs to read?

  • What Would Kate Do – I really wanted to use this name for my own blog but remembered some smart cookies got there before me!
  • What Kate Wore – It always astounds me how fast she sources the items.  If I had the budget I’d probably buy everything she sources.
  • Enjoying the Small Things – a non-Kate related blog, but the way Kelle Hampton writes about her children and her views on motherhood often moves me to tears.  It helps that she is an awesome photographer too!

Do you have any exciting things on the radar for your blog, or exciting projects in the works?

unionjakI would like to focus more on British brands and feature independent shops/makers of things in the future.  We have a lot of fantastic heritage AND new brands here in the UK and we need to make more of an effort to shop from them to keep our economy going.

I am also hoping to share a bit more about The Cotswolds for those hoping to visit – we have such a wealth of history, beautiful sites, shops, things to do….

Why did you start a blog about Kate in an already popular niche? What makes you different?

Aside from WWKD, I have noticed a lot of other “Kate” blogs are about picture sharing, or only about the clothes she wears, which is fantastic, but behind the beauty I do believe she is a woman of substance and we should discuss more about that too.  What is it that makes her so intriguing? I wondered if maybe the community wanted a British voice?  Do you?

All about Kate

Kate Middleton, what do you love about her?

So many things!  I love her story, how she did what we all wanted to do as little girls, marry a Prince!  I love that I respect her and have never had reason to doubt her.  I admire her grace and sacrifice for her husband and our country.

Are you just a Kate Middleton fan or are you an ardent Royalist and why?

A fierce Royalist! My Mum had a fascination with Diana so naturally I did too, I have so many memories of my Mum reading about Diana, watching TV programmes about Diana… and my Grandfather is also a Royal History nut who always wanted to teach me about them.  How could I not end up loving the Royal Family with those influences?

What were you doing on the day of the Royal Wedding?

royal-wedding-8aWe had a good old English knees up that day!  My husband and I dressed ourselves up in outfits of Red, White and Blue and watched the Wedding on the big TV at our local pub at our reserved table in the best spot.

We then made our way to the town gardens to join hundreds of other people to watch the rest of the Wedding on huge outdoor televisions screens. We drank Pimms and danced barefoot on the lawn to live Jazz and waved our Union Jacks as Wills & Kate drove off.  It was one of the best days of my life.  I felt SO proud to be British that day ~ and I am welling up with tears just writing down the memories!

What do you like most about the “Kate Community”?

That I have finally found a group of women that are so likeminded, even though oceans and continents may separate us, it’s nice to know you aren’t “alone” in your interests and aspirations in life.

 In your opinion, are there any downsides to the community?

It does seem a bit cliquey.  The very popular blogs are keen to get you to follow but aren’t bothered to really interact with their followers.  This is blogging as a whole though, not just reserved to this community.

Who are some of the people in the community that you admire?

I can honestly only say that I admire those that have taken it upon themselves to get to know me and welcome me in to the community.  I respect others for their achievements and wish them very well, but admiration has to be deserved.

Kate’s Style

Name Kate’s greatest fashion moment (your favourite outfit of hers)

Her blue Issa engagement dress has to be my all-time favourite.  It was so considered and appropriate for the occasion.  That dress was so flattering, stylish but modest and best of all ROYAL blue.  It just pips her Wedding dress to the top spot.

Has Kate made any fashion errors/anything she wears that you wouldn’t?

I wasn’t so keen on the Emerald Green Mulberry dress she wore to the Natural History Museum.  I think it was a little bit frumpy and too prissy on her.

How has she influenced your style?

I have recently thrown out over 100 items of clothing that were apparently “fashionable”, that I never wore, wore once and decided I didn’t like, or wore, washed and realised were bad quality.

Kate has taught me to be true to myself and what *I* like to wear as opposed to cheap throwaway copy-cat clothes that never last.  This has meant I have said goodbye to clothing stores I used to shop in a lot and has opened up my “radar” to brands that I would never consider before for fear of my peers making fun of me.

I bought a sweater the other day in Royal blue.  Not an exciting item, but I spent twice as much on it from a better quality store because I know it will wash better and hold its shape.  The old me would have bought it at half the price, and one in pink too.

Essentially spending the same amount but on awful quality pieces.

What are your favourite fashion stores for good RepliKate items?

You can find RepliKate items all over the place, but if you want to replicate her sense of style and buy good quality then I can recommend;

Laura Ashley, Reiss, LK Bennett, Monsoon, Phase Eight, Hobbs, Fenn Wright & Manson, Great Plains, Jasper Conran, Principles, Wallis, Joules, Zara, Next, Marks & Spencer

 Have you bought any fashion or beauty items just because Kate has them?

_7689436Only cosmetics at the moment, I have some Bobbi Brown items that I love and will now never stray from.  I am coveting a pair of Nude LK Bennett Sledge Pumps but my Maternity Pay budget is a little tight at the moment.  Maybe one day…

How does she/do you think she influences your purchase choices?

I think these things when making a purchasing decision now;

+ Will it wash well?
+ Does the colour suit me, not just because it is “in fashion”
+ Does the shape and cut of the item suit me
+ Is this the best quality item I can afford?
+ Am I buying this item as a substitute for the one I really want? i.e. Will I love this item just as much or is it a compromise?  If so, can I wait until I can afford the real deal?

I have just gifted you with £1000, what fashion items would you spend it on?

Firstly, thank you, how generous. Those LK Bennett Sledge pumps in 3 colours, nude, black and a snake-effect dark brown.  Good quality skinny jeans in dark wash denim and also a pair in black.  A lovely tweed blazer, a fabulous wool dress coat and anything I have left on fantastic quality lingerie…the backbone of all good outfits.  I think that just about spends it.

Royal Baby

Do you think William and Catherine are having a boy or a girl? 

I have a feeling it will be a boy this time, a girl next time (here’s hoping)

What are your predictions for the names they might chose. 

James is a nice down to earth name with Royal links, and I think they might honour Harry by giving him Henry as a second name.  For a girl, perhaps Alice Elizabeth.  I don’t know of any Royals by the name of Alice but it is a nice girly name that translates well in to womanhood.

Getting to Know Britain

Has the opinion or image of the monarchy changed at all since Kate became a formal member?

Oh absolutely! We finally have a relatable, current couple that seem very down to earth.  Sure, we had William first of course, but their marriage and the personal touches they put in to their Wedding day (the getaway car especially) showed us they had a sense of humour and were genuinely a happy couple in love.  Before that it seemed like Royal matches were for mutual benefit or and reserved for the “classes”.  The Royal have shown that they are real people rather than ones living in gilded cages.

How is Kate’s style different from ordinary British girls?

In a word, she is the epitome of class and sadly (the majority) British girls don’t see it as a top priority to promote themselves in this way.  I have never seen a girl wandering down the high street who looks as pulled together as Kate does.  Even the “richer” girls with disposable income wear highly disposable fashion which, try as they might to be different ends up being very predictable.  I know that sounds incredibly harsh, but I am talking about the majority here.  There are some exceptions to this of course.

What sorts of positive changes could Kate make for British society?

The possibility is endless, but what I hope to see is a rise in increased moral conduct and demure behaviour over overtly sexual and immoral behaviour.  Women behaving like women and not constantly needed to dress for men or for attention.  Kate dressed and behaves like a lady and I think we can all take a leaf out of her book.

Do you think Kate & William dating & relationship is representative of the average Brit?

Ooooh, tough question!  I should hope it is, but all we see are the relationships of our friends, family and the trash on TV which is so far removed from their romance story it is embarrassing.  The length of time it took them to get engaged is quite representative – the careful considered.  It is very rare you will find teenage sweethearts married early (and still together) sadly.

What are the opinions held by the British about North American girls?

I can only speak for myself here but you seem to have a strong work ethic and a real desire to succeed.  You work hard and play hard too and like to celebrate everything.  Which is an assumption that I love to believe!  I’d love a lifestyle of constant baby showers, bridal showers, weddings and opening of envelopes! ;)

Just for Fun

You are holding a dinner party in your home for William & Catherine. Which 6 additional guests (from real life or famous, living or deceased) would you invite to keep you all entertained? What three course meal would you serve?

  • The Queen – She must be the hardest working woman on Earth who has met so many interesting people and lived through so much history, I can imagine she is very wise. I’d like her to be able to just relax and enjoy the company of William and Catherine and those around her.
  • Julie Andrews - Julie is one of my all-time favourite movie stars.  I would ask her if she could adopt me as an honorary granddaughter and teach me how to sing so sweetly.
  • Oprah - My biggest ambition in life is to be interviewed by Oprah.  Don’t ask me what for, but once you have made it into the “Oprahsphere” you have really made it.  Again, she is so wise and so into positivity and self-improvement.  Her happy, friendly and spirited outlook is infectious.
  • David Attenborough - I could listen to this man all day.  So passionate about wildlife and natural history, he is my absolute hero.  I’d ask him to adopt me too.
  • Billy Connelly - He makes me belly laugh so hard.  One of the best comics of all time.
  • Michael Bublé - I’d invite Michael for the pleasure of his voice, charm, oh, and his face.  He’s an absolute crumpet.  I’d sit him right next to me for the night.  My husband would be ok with this if I promised to invite Angelina Jolie to the next dinner party and sit him next to her.

You are a fly on the wall for a day at their home in Anglesey, what do you think Kate & Wills would get up to? 

They’d start their day with a nice English fry-up.  I know Kate appears to only eat by the Dukan diet, but I can imagine she indulges in a treat once in a while, especially now pregnant.  They have eaten this breakfast in their pyjamas on the sofa too.  Then they change into their wellies and comfy clothes and take Lupo for a walk through the fields and alongside a river.  They have to try to stop Lupo from chasing every rabbit, pheasant and squirrel along the way, but they couldn’t avoid the dog jumping in the river which means they’ll have to hose her down when the get home – that dog doesn’t half make them giggle.  They pass a nice country pub and stop for a shandy and a St Clements (for pregnant Kate) and soak up a bit of bright sunshine despite it still being a little chilly.  Heading for home and stop by a Farm Shop and pick up some home grown vegetables and cooking apples.  Once home they pop a joint of Beef in the oven to slow roast.  William catches up on a few emails whilst Kate irons some of his shirts then she starts to make an Apple Pie but hands over to William to finish because Carole calls to see how she is doing, they chat for quite some time.  They enjoy a cosy Roast dinner in front of Sunday night television (Countryfile and Antiques Roadshow, then Mr Selfridge) their log burner keeps them cozy – this is Lupo’s favourite spot to snooze.  It gets late so they call it and night and head to Bedfordshire for sweet dreams.

What do you hope future generations of women will learn from Catherine or the female representatives of the Royal Family?

In one word.  Class.



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