Someday My Prince Will Come: Notes from a Valentine’s Veteran

I have a confession to make. Up until a year ago, I had not been truly single since I was six. Yes, I always had a boy (or two, or four…) wrapped around my finger. In my grade school days, I was sweet and charming, and my childhood sweetheart and I were inseparable. Growing up in the south, pretty much everyone had a childhood sweetheart. Mine stuck around until I was twelve. He would write me Valentine’s cards and we would spend the day in his tree house, and one time I even received a teddy bear from him.

In middle school, I found another sweetheart. He ended up holding my heart through college, but that’s another story. On our first Valentine’s Day “together” (we were twelve, let’s be realistic) he sent a Cupid-gram sent to my homeroom. All day long, I waltzed around with three shiny, red, heart-shaped beaded necklaces. It was the best Valentine’s gift I ever received.

And then there was high school and college, where I went through a string of older, smarter, more experienced boys – usually possessing some sort of job. I received earrings, a diamond tennis bracelet, and enough good meals to have cost me 25 pounds. They always brought me my favorite chocolates, and always came with a bouquet of flowers. And it was always perfect.

Are you jealous? Well, me too. ┬áBecause, in case you haven’t been reading, I am a spinster single young lady.

For about a year, I have been learning to love myself without a man. And no time is harder than Valentine’s Day. I miss the jewelry, the sweet kisses, the cards, and the shiny, red, heart-shaped beaded necklaces.

So I ask myself, WWKD? And I know for certain she would NOT wallow around on Valentine’s Day just because her prince hasn’t arrived yet.

A Future Princess’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Girls night out: Who needs men? You and your best single girl friend should put on your sexiest dresses and go out to a fabulous restaurant. Order champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries. Splurge on oysters. I am willing to bet more than one man at the restaurant will be looking your way – much to the chagrin of his date.


Girls night in: Trying to avoid the cheesiness of the holiday? Invite date-less friends over for an Anti-Valentine’s Day Party. Have everyone wear black, and make a fun game out of it. Serve the most un-sexy foods you can think of (sloppy Joe sliders, garlic knots, apple pie) and have your guests go around the table saying why they love being single.


Plan your wedding: I see you with that Pinterest board. Stay in tonight in your pyjamas, turn on your Royal Wedding DVD and veg-out with The Knot, Modern Bride, and Martha Stewart Weddings. Pop open the bubbly and have your own cake tasting! This is another great girls-night-in idea. There is no shame in planning your big day. Note: I think I have four different wedding-inspired Pin boards.






wedding inspiration

Go Charitable: Take a note from Kate and spend your V-day volunteering. There’s no way you’ll feel lonely when surrounded by the local shelter animals, children in the children’s hospital, or women recovering from a hard life. Spend the day at your favorite local charity and do some good for this world.


Come back next week for another Valentine’s Day post from the Duchess!

How will you be spending Valentine’s Day? xoxo The Heiress

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