Regal Reads: February 2013

I can’t even tell you the first time I said “I want to be her.”

It might have been in elementary school, when I wanted to be Ginger Spice. Well, really I wanted to be Baby Spice – but I had Ginger Spice’s hair color.

It may have been Elle Woods, Scarlett O’Hara, Skye Hoppus, Jackie Kennedy, Becky Bloodwood, Marie Antoinette, the girl at the grocery store, or the Duchess of Cambridge.  The statement was always the same – I want to be her.

So, for January, we read (and gave away) Andrea Linett’s marvelous book I Want to be Her! with the idea that we would use these women as inspiration to better ourselves. Some of us worked towards Kate’s thighs, or her hair, or her closet.  Whatever it was, we all had goals, and I think this book helped me stick to them.

Linnett’s book is a creative compilation of the women who have inspired her throughout her life. From her babysitter, to the foreign exchange student, all of the women are described, illustrated, and styled in a perfectly colorful manner.

I loved the book – and read it in two days.  The styles that Linett highlights are so far from my own – my prim and frilly chic contrasted with her 80’s grunge. But the message was the same: dress for YOU, pick your own style, stick to what you love.


Andrea Linett was creative enough to start her own website, spotlighting the women that she wants to be. Whether it is girls on the street or acquaintances she encounters, the website spotlights a chic young lady with a great sense of style. Personally, I LOVE Michele, Model and Vintner.  Which girl do you love?

Andrea has a Twitter account too! And she is not afraid to chat with followers. Check her out at @alinett

So, you know how much you love Michael Kors? Well…Andrea Linett is their VP Global Creative Director. Which means we must now shop for Michael Kors products.  You know…to support her… Personally, I love this bag: Michael Michael Kors Hamilton Large Tote, Luggage

What did you think about I Want To Be Her? Who was your favorite girl? Mine was, by far, Chloe Sevigny!


Ah, February.  If you ask me, February is the month of love.  You  may say “Bah! Humbug!” but I say “yay chocolate.”

In honor of the month of love, I picked a book that I was really eager to read.  Royal Romances by Leslie Carroll was on the top of my reading list, and I was thrilled to share it with you.

The idea is simple: an up-close look at our favorite royal romances, from Charles II to William, the Duke of Cambridge. They loved, they lost, they ruled a kingdom.

Personally, I am a hopeless romantic – and I still hope to be the next Mette-Marit, meeting my sangre real prince at a rock concert. Ah, dare to dream.

Read on, lovely ladies!


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