The Un-Diet: A Kate-Inspired Lifestyle Swap

The Un-Diet: A Kate-Inspired Lifestyle Swap

Recently, the WWKD team sat down and discussed vacations. Next year, we plan to go on an “executive retreat” to none other than Mustique. It just made sense – a Kate-related paradise, conveniently located in the middle of nowhere where we most likely cannot access Wi-Fi. But of course, our first comments were “well, I better get on that diet”

We SO don't have bodies like this... Yet.

We SO don’t have bodies like this… Yet.

Naturally, as women, we want to slim down. To return to pre-baby weight, so the moving men don’t make snide remarks. To return to pre-college weight, to show those ex-flames what they’re missing. To look fabulous, so that when we look in the mirror we say, “oh yeah, I look amazing” This isn’t about being stick thin – it’s about feeling great.

So we decided to feel great as a team.

We did our research, discussed it, cried about the temporary lack of wine, and decided we are going to shift our lifestyle and follow The Dukan Diet, which is truly about changing the way you eat in order to remain looking your best forever. If it sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the diet Kate used to get trim before her wedding and the lifestyle she still allegedly adheres to. We want to share recipes, road bumps, successes, and results as a team. We want to be a supportive group working to look our best. We want to do what Kate would do. Whether you’re getting bikini ready, balancing a baby on one hip and a laptop on the other, or studying for finals and writing term papers, we want to help you. We want you to help us!

Join the Un-Diet with us – whether its for one week, one month, one year, or your whole life. It is worth a shot! The WWKD team is launching the Attack phase of the Dukan Diet on March 1st, in perfect timing for bikini season this summer.

Will you join us? Here’s the easy “how”…

  • Head on over to the WWKD Un-Diet Lifestyle Swap Forum and Introduce Yourself
  • Get your copy of the Dukan Diet book and/or the Dukan Diet Cookbook;
  • OR Click below for a great deal we’ve managed to secure for WWKD readers with the Dukan Diet online including personalized support, recipes and more. (Update: To get the discount, once you have joined the Dukan Diet online, please send your confirmation e-mail back to us an we will send you 10% of the purchase price back to you via PayPal. Thanks Blake for pointing out!)

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Share your story on the boards, experiment with recipes, and change your life. You can read our weight loss stories too – we are on this journey with you!



6 Responses to The Un-Diet: A Kate-Inspired Lifestyle Swap

  1. Blake says:

    I clicked on the link for the Dukan Diet deal, but it seems to be the regular price. Am I doing something wrong?

    • The Duchess says:

      Hi Blake,

      Thanks for pointing this out! It was our error- we did not include the correct link. Easiest thing to do is once you’ve registered with the Dukan plan is e-mail your receipt to us at and then we will send you 10% of the purchase price back to you.

      Let us know if you have any other problems, and we are so excited that you’ll be joining the Un-Diet team!

  2. I have a book coming out in April called UnDiet- this is the TRUE UnDiet. Dukan will totally work for a short time- but the best way to sustain awesome healthy is always with really, truly awesome whole, unprocessed food. That’s my kind of UnDiet.

  3. Jolanthe says:

    This un-diet works!! I lost nearly 20 lbs. It’s easy to follow and keep following forever. JB

  4. [...] low-carb thing. It was a natural step after having gestational diabetes and not far off track from the Dukan diet that Kate and the WWKD team tried. It worked well, initially.  Then I became fatigued, with constant headaches.   This was more [...]