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Ahh…my favorite thing to do: cozy pyjamas, a cup of hot cocoa, and a so-bad-its-good movie. Who can resist the cheese-factor of made-for-TV movies? I remember when Royal Wedding frenzy was in FULL FORCE. Every night was a new Wills & Kate special.

When Hallmark and Lifetime announced their Royal Romance films, I was ready to analyze all the mistakes, inaccuracies, and veritable stretches of the truth. So, here we go…Battle of the Movies.

William and Catherine: A Royal Romance on Hallmark Channel

Hallmark Channel’s Wills & Kate movie was a lot of fun. I must say, after watching the film, I wanted to watch it over again. But…it was awful. So-bad-it’s-good. The film was ripe with inaccuracies, both impossible and false. To name a few: where William and Catherine met, when Kate met the Her Majesty, and the Queen’s affections for a Wii console. But aside from that, it was a really sweet movie. Exactly what you would want from a made-for-tv movie. Just enough cheesiness to make it wonderful. The actress who plays William is a good fit, but the actress who plays Kate is too small and too soft to be┬árealistic. But please don’t let this deter you! If you are a Cambridge lover like myself, you will appreciate this film.

William and Kate on Lifetime

Oh goodness…how do I put this without giving anything away? I love this movie. It is by far my favorite made-for-TV movie, surpassing all Christmas films and smutty LMN movies. When Kate and Will break up (this isn’t a spoiler – you all should know this!) I cried. Yes, it is true – real tears. This film is relatively accurate, with no blaring issues or inaccuracies. The actors are even passable for the characters they portray. Everything, including the outfit choices, is true to the times (early 2000’s: not a great time for style). Perhaps there were some small issues with accuracy, but overall the film was a lot of fun. And the Queen didn’t own a Wii…

When I’m feeling sad or a bit peely-wally, this movie is the first one in my DVD player. You will love it, trust me.


Here is the magic of these films. Do you know that feeling when you have a sleepover with your best friend? Even though you’re in your twenties, and you both pay rent, have full time jobs, and are far too old to be having a sleepover? That’s how these films feel. As if you’re spending a sleepy morning with your best friend, curled up in your pyjamas and a warm cup of cocoa.

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2 Comments on Royal Romance on Film

  1. Cathie
    January 23, 2013 at 11:03 am (3 years ago)

    I’ve seen William & Kate, but thought it too awful to like it much… I think there was one scene that got to me. The one where William accuses his father of not taking care of Diana, etc. Now Will may or may not have done that… but I think it was highly presumptuous on the director(s)’ part to include that. Oh well, artistic license, I suppose… but if I were William, and hadn’t said that, that would hurt me a lot that that’s how my father was ‘portrayed’ in a movie –whether we think it true or not. Maybe I am too crazy about the Royal family, that I’m over-thinking this stuff. lol

    I was really looking forward to watching the Hallmark version. I knew it would be cheesy, but if it’s not better than the other one… :\
    I’d still watch it. Too soft-hearted for the Cambridges to not do so…

    • The Heiress
      January 23, 2013 at 5:14 pm (3 years ago)

      I felt the same way, but loved the films none-the-less. Despite my inner film critic’s protests, the films were a nice way to “spend time” with the Cambridges!