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I didn’t start wearing foundation until I was in my twenties. Not to give away my age – but that was QUITE recently. I went over a year wearing foundation that was the wrong shade, felt dry on my skin, and lasted about an hour. And then, I spent entirely too much time looking for something that actually worked, often failing. So I was pretty excited to test Kate Middleton’s favorite foundation.

I saw RBB as an opportunity to explore other makeup brands that I had not tried before. I loved Clinique and Lancome, but they started to fail me. So when I began to test Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, and whatever else looked good at my local Lord and Taylor, a whole new world opened up before my eyes.

I swear, one day we are going to tell you that a RBB product sucks. But today is not that day. Bobbi Brown’s foundation is a gift from the Gods.

I sat at my local Bobbi Brown counter, and Isabelle (my new best friend and Bobbi Brown consultant) smeared some makeup sticks on my forehead. She quickly proclaimed that “porcelain” was my color (AKA pasty white shade similar to the color of flour). Using a sponge, she applied some of Bobbi Brown’s Long Wear Even Finish foundation to my cheek. I was floored! My skin tone was even, but not overly-painted. I seemed to glow. It was magic.

I have some acne scarring from my teenage days which pairs nicely with some sunkissed freckles. I used to hate my face – trying to balance a clear complexion with my beloved freckles. This foundation covers just enough. My skin looks clear, but my freckles look sweet. The foundation is buildable too, so you can change your coverage depending on your needs.

Kate Middleton LOVES Bobbi Brown foundation

Kate Middleton LOVES Bobbi Brown foundation – and I do too!

I asked Isabelle for a sample, and she gave me a small pot of liquid to test. Ever wary of breakouts, I didn’t want to invest in a product before I knew how I would react. Well, that small pot lasted me over a month. I purchased the full bottle of foundation and haven’t strayed since.

Bobbi Brown has a handful of foundation options, from moisture-rich liquids to BB creams – whatever works best for you. Their products have yet to let me down. Test it for yourself, and I am certain you will love it too!

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