New Year’s Kate-olutions

Happy New Year!

I am one of the seemingly few people who still believe in New Year’s Resolutions. I typically go on and on about the same things every year- lose weight & get more organized- but this year I decided to mix it up a little bit and come up with some very specific resolutions that are Kate inspired. You might recognize the categories!


Beauty: This is the year I am going to figure out how to do my hair in such a way that is presentable in under 15 minutes in the mornings. That, or I am going to perfect a blowout that will last a couple of days. There have been extremely few pictures of Kate where her hair has looked anything less than spectacular (the only “bad” ones I can think of are from the Southeast Asia tour with the humidity) and I think that this is definitely something that would make a huge impact.

Fashion: I am going to go back to that old stand-by of years past in losing a little weight, but this year I’m not putting in a number on it- I’m going to just eat healthier to better fit into my clothes. I had an amazing makeover in my closet in 2012, and I just want to be able to fit and feel good in my clothes. I look at pictures of Kate and I can see that the confidence she has stems from looking and feeling amazing in her clothes. This is what I hope to emulate.

Fun:┬áThis year is going to be tough for fun with how busy I am (and even more so am going to be) but I am going to carve out time for fun in my life. The problem is that my versions of fun are often quite costly… So I am going to try and be more like Kate and find fun in the outdoors. I live in one of the most outdoor friendly cities in the world and have mountain trails literally steps from my back door. I need to find fun in spending time outdoors for my physical and mental health.

Home: Remember those old standby resolutions? Yup, am bringing back the organization one. Not so much that I want things to all be in pretty labelled baskets, but I want to, like Kate, have my schedule sorted out. For example, schedule in time for playing with my son. Time for having coffee with a girlfriend. Time for watching a movie with my husband.

Relationships: My main goal right now is probably also something Kate is worried about- wanting my child to have a happy, healthy and safe childhood. Not sure how this is something that I can define as a specific thing- but definitely a priority for me. I’m also working on treating my husband as I want to be treated. I have a nasty habit of taking out all my anger and frustration about other things out on him. If anyone deserves the best of me, it’s my little family and I am going to do my best on giving that to them in 2013.

Substance:┬áThis year I am going to make time to volunteer for a cause greater than myself. I’ve volunteered in the past and always felt great about myself and the community after having done it, but it’s so easy to get tied up in your own life and just throw a few bucks at the charity. I’m going to find something I’m passionate about and just dive in. Kate, like the rest of the Royal Family, are great role models in finding causes they support and being advocates for them.

Work: Kate is gearing up to take a maternity leave while I gear up to return from it. My goal around this this year is to remember that I now have a small person at home to take into account. I’m looking to make a change in roles when I go back and am excited about it.

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  1. Perseverance
    January 2, 2013 at 7:43 am (3 years ago)

    Great resolutions! :)