Kiernan Shipka and Kate : The Epitomes of Appropriate Style

Kiernan Shipka and Kate : The Epitomes of Appropriate Style

With so many young celebrities having crisis after crisis (drinking problems, drug problems, weight problems, Lindsay Lohan problems…) and elegant role models being few and far between, it’s not been a huge shock to see young Hollywood disrespect society, wind up in jail, land in court against their parents and even pass away far before their time. There just aren’t many great role models out there for young girls, which, as you know, is one of the key reasons we founded What Would Kate Do.

I was pleasantly surprised lately (translation: thrilled) to see one of my favorite young actresses bucking the trend. Showing that like Kate, you don’t need to be flashing around skin like it’s going out of style and there is an appropriate look for everyone and perhaps more importantly, everywhere. While most age-appropriate stories tend to be about older women dressing like they are a teenager, this is a complete 180; a young star looking like a million bucks.

The star in question? Young Mad Men star Kiernan Shipka who plays Don Draper (Jon Hamm)’s daughter, Sally Draper on the show. You can probably guess that I’m a huge Mad Men fan. Have been watching the show for years and sometimes wished I still lived in the 1950s or 1960s: the era of Jackie Kennedy, days when dressing appropriately was still required and people got dressed up for dinner. Dressing the part- something that Kate knows a lot about as a member of the Royal Family.

So let’s look at this young lady to see just what I’m trying to share with all the young ladies out there looking for fashion inspiration, shall we?

It seems only fair to point out here that she’s very lucky from a Hollywood kid perspective – she’s seemingly got pretty great parents which can make a world of difference. As an example, since she’s 12, her parents have not let her watch Mad Men, so she’s only familiar with the scenes she’s been in and she’s quoted as saying she’s looking forward to watching the whole show in a marathon one day. She also counts amongst her greatest inspirations Grace Kelly.

She’s perfected the art of dressing appropriately, in my opinion, for a 12 year old attending a Hollywood event. She’s not flashing skin, she’s not wearing heels she can’t stand in and yes, she’s wearing makeup and designer dresses- but we’re talking about Hollywood here people. Kind of like how Kate has perfected the art of dressing like a Princess while we appreciate that it’s not everyone who can afford bespoke McQueen, for example.

I just think it’s fantastic to see such an obviously well-grounded kid succeeding and yet refusing to compromise her morals and values. I hope she can stay out of trouble for the next few rebellious teen years which I know, as an ex-teenage girl, can be just downright ridiculous and I’m sure her paycheque for MadMen is bigger than mine ever was for Suzy Shier.


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