Kate Shops at Gap – For Baby Boy?

With Kate having ben seen out and about in Kensington recently (Great coverage, as always by @HRHDuchessKate) there were two things I was incredibly excited about: one being her fabulous Zara cape and the second being her stop by the Gap.

Kate out in Kensington at Prtet-a-Manger

Best photo of Kate as we can find, as taken by Maisie Willis on Instagram

Her Zara cape made me extremely pleased because when I was pregnant in the colder months, I wore capes almost every single day. There was a specific, horrific, terrifying and depressing day that I noticed the buttons on my regular jackets just wouldn’t do up anymore and since it was too cold to not wear a coat (Or so my mother said) I decided it was time for something comfortable- and yet still stylish. I wore a black fur-trimmed cape for pretty much the last four months of my pregnancy, with the exclusion of days where I wore my Target maternity trench coat for work events. It’s a great way to also camouflage your stomach, especially when it’s not big enough to warrant it’s own zipcode yet.

The second thing that excited me? Kate was seen visiting the Gap. Given how we’ve not ever (As I can recall, anyway) seen her wearing Gap, it’s highly possible that Kate was out shopping for Baby Cambridge! I was also at the Gap yesterday and definitely checked out the baby clothes for my little guy so I feel like I’m almost at one with Kate on this subject. The Gap has a new collaboration with Peter Rabbit, which I’m sure she will like- and maybe this is a sign of the sex of the baby as all the clothes from this adorable collection are geared towards little boys? Oooooh, is WWKD onto something? We are now predicting Baby Prince!

Here are some of my favorite Gap outfits that the future Prince might have gotten yesterday… and that my Little Prince might have coming in the mail to him soon….


Baby Gap Peter Rabbit Little Boy Set

Gap Ribbed Shawl Collar Sweater
35 CAD – gap.com

Gap Long Sleeve Slub Body Double
25 CAD – gap.com

Gap Roll Up Denim Cargo Pants
25 CAD – gap.com

Gap Peter Rabbit Dish Set
25 CAD – gap.com

Gap Twill Boat Shoes
17 CAD – gap.com

Gap Ribbed Tank Bodysuit
13 CAD – gap.com

Gap Favorite Ribbed Socks 2 Pack
8.00 CAD – gap.com
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4 Comments on Kate Shops at Gap – For Baby Boy?

  1. Marisa
    January 27, 2013 at 9:51 am (2 years ago)

    I noticed that the American Gap Peter Rabbit line is mainly geared towards little boys, but when I visited the UK Gap, there were many more outfits for little girls! It’s SUCH a cute line of clothes! :-)

    • The Duchess
      January 28, 2013 at 9:12 am (2 years ago)

      Thanks Marisa! Now we’ll have to keep guessing… And trying to check out Gap UK’s site for little girl items!